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Use this AI detector with an 87% accuracy rate to distinguish between human and AI content (ChatGPT, GPT4, Bard, Claude, and Gemini). It can rewrite your AI-generated text to make it unique.

How to Use AI Content Checker


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Enter your original text by typing or pasting into the given area.


Click "Check" button

Once you've entered your text, just hit the "Check" button to check AI in content.


Get Output Text

In just a sec, you can review whether your content is 100% Human or AI generated.

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AI content detector is a free and accurate tool that identifies AI-generated content. It gives a probability score to indicate how likely the text was created by AI tools or chatbots.

This AI detector is highly trusted and 87% accurate in discriminating between human and AI-generated text, including sources like ChatGPT, GPT-4, Claude, and Bard. It also works as a word and character counter. This tool is easy to use and has no limitations. This tool is designed to be easy and efficient; just copy and paste your text into the text field for a detailed analysis.

How does an AI writing detector work?

Our AI writing detector focuses on three aspects: predictability, probability, and pattern. When you enter text, the ChatGPT detector analyzes these aspects to see if the text is AI-generated.

The AI paragraph detector looks at the text's structure, language, and patterns to determine if it’s human or AI-generated. It uses machine learning models trained on large datasets to recognize features unique to human or AI-created text. The tool checks the context, syntax (sentence structure), and semantics (meaning) to spot differences from natural human language.

Note that AI detectors use probability-based algorithms and are not 100% accurate. Users should use this tool along with their judgment to determine if content was created by humans or AI/ChatGPT.

Features of open ai detector

This open AI detector tool offers you various features that are really helpful for content detection.

  1. Our AI content detection tool detects repeated words or phrases.
  2. It analyzes lengthy sentences for complexity.
  3. This AI text detector counts words, characters, and sentences and identifies the text's language.
  4. It handles texts of all lengths, even over 1000 words.
  5. It offers additional insights like predictions, perplexity, entropy, and diversity.

How to find our ai detector

Locating our AI content detector is a straightforward process. You can find it easily online by searching for keywords like "AI detector" or "AI content detector" on popular search engines like Google or Bing. 

Or, you can directly access it by typing the URL "” into your browser's search bar. Bookmarking this page can save you time for future use!

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